Graduated & Unemployed…

Prescription: Who’s Your Source?👈🏽

Dosage: Readers are required to seek God because He’s your source🙏🏽

Graduating college was a huge achievement for me, especially since it took me 5 years to get my degree…but college is not a race, finish at your own pace.

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Anyways, I thought that getting a degree meant I was set for life. I thought that piece of paper was all I needed to reach my success. Even though that still might be true, I’m sitting here about to reach the year mark since I graduated and I’m still…UNEMPLOYED. So, how exactly will this expensive piece of paper help me become successful?giphy (5)

☝🏽I don’t have the most perfect college story:

  • Freshman Year- College Friend/Roommate stole from me and our friendship ended, I wanted to transfer schools!
  • Sophomore Year- Because I did not balance classes and fun, my GPA dropped and I was placed on Academic Warning.
  • Junior Year-Officially placed on Academic Probation and Financial Aid cuts me off! Had to pay out of pocket…Couldn’t afford it. giphy (8)

As you see I was the typical college student that didn’t take school seriously until it was to late. But by my senior year I did get my life together. I went from being placed on Academic Probation to the Dean’s List the following year!🙌🏽 That showed me that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to. So again, why am I still unemployed?

Growing up I never had to fight for things I wanted, which is probably why I took the long road in getting my degree. I struggle with having this mindset where I think things should be handed to me. I know, it’s a huge problem and I promise I’m working on it.💯 Truth is, I’m just now seeing that I struggle with this mindset and how it may have been hindering my search for employment. Before knowing this about myself I decided to go on a month fast from social media, secular music, and TV. I needed to know Where was God in all of this? I turned off everything that distracts me and replaced those distractions with prayer, reading my word, and constantly listening to songs that encourage worship. Although I love social media, it can be discouraging. It’s so easy to see everyone else winning, while you’re struggling. You start to compare your lives to others and become dispirited in WHAT you don’t have, HOW long it’s taking you to get what you don’t have, and WHY you don’t have it! This was the whole purpose behind my fast, but after cutting out what I saw, I had people around me asking“Chelsea why don’t you have a job” and then telling me about myself. And yes, it became discouraging. Even though I don’t care for criticism, I know I can handle it, but at the time I became even more discouraged in myself.  What’s wrong with me?giphy (7)

As soon as the thought crossed my mind I heard God simply say, I’m here, I’m your source. Here I was feeling like a failure, and God quickly reminded me that I’m a winner. Here I am focused on what I don’t have, and He’s reminding me of how He’s kept me. I don’t have to wonder where He is, because He is right here with me. Just waiting on me to seek Him, and place Him first.giphy (9)

So, that expensive piece of paper may get me somewhere, but it is NOT my source, He is!

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

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      1. Funny! I didn’t know Julio was your kin! We’ve been friends going on almost 6/7 years! Literally one of my best friends.


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