Temptation Calling

Prescription: Hold On💪🏽

Dosage: Readers are required to choose your Source in weakness.♥️


I wanted someone to hold me and take the stress away…I wanted a BAE!  As soon as the thought came to mind I reconnected with an old friend…And I’m staring at the door of TEMPTATION. In the back of my mind my VOW is screaming “What are you doing! But I mentally pressed ignore and…

I have finally hit the year mark of my vow to remain celibate…and LAWD it wasn’t easy! But it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be either, until I had a blast from the past…but we’ll get to that later.

When I chose to be celibate I had to make up in my mind that no one would ever come between my relationship with God. After my last relationship ended I practiced the idea of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. I had to monitor what I was seeing, reading, and hearing. Now this did not happen overnight, y’all I STRUGGLED!

giphy (10).gif

I went back and forth with my vow for a while until I felt I had no choice. I had to get to a point where sex wasn’t worth it… my mindset had to change.

When I started dating again I would literally weigh the option of a few moments vs. God

& yes, my relationship with God would always outweigh me giving in.

I was on a mission …I wanted God more than any physical pleasure.

giphy (12).gif

Well the end of 2017 hit me hard and I felt like everything was going wrong at once. Instead of turning to God I turned to what I wanted the most…. I had reconnected with an old friend.

This old friend was someone who was great all around and of course I think I’m great so together we would be…. yep you guessed it, GREAT!giphy (14).gif

Even without a vow, I’m not the casual sex kind of person. And the great thing about him is he wasn’t either. At this point there was nothing in my mind going to stop me, he was exactly what I needed…

Like I’ve mentioned before God has a way of showing you His love before going down the wrong path.

The night I had made up in my mind that I wasn’t holding back he comes to see me and instead of giving into temptation he stops me and says he can’t.

I’m like  what-gif.gif

He goes on to explain that God spoke to him and told him to keep his hands off and to tell me that God wants more of me…the pleasure wouldn’t be worth it in comparison to keeping my vow.

At this point I’m speechless, and thinking, “Really God, you show up in this moment?” But I was thankful, because he had the opportunity to act off temptation and he chose obedience over desire.That inspired me and awakened that fire in me that I was putting out with my lukewarm attitude. He brought me back to reality and made me realize why I chose to be celibate in the first place, to get closer to God.

What was I doing?

I had made it to a year an almost let a moment of stress break me.tenor.gif

God understands we are human and because he loves us He will always send you warning before destruction. I’m so thankful that God blocked it! He knew better than I did what I really needed and that was just to lean on Him.

In weak moments I am learning to lean on Him because He’s my source at the end of the day, not man.

Take heed to the warning signs and know that God loves you and will never stop showing you His love. No matter what weak moments you face, know that those moments only last for…yep you guessed it a moment! But His love last forever!

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

♥️💕Happy Valentine’s Day!💕♥️

2 Replies to “Temptation Calling”

  1. God is awesome!!! Wow! It is amazing to see how He can use people and place obedience in their hearts, increase their faith, in order to humble us.
    SN: I’m so glad I went searching for new bloggers and thank God for allowing me to find you. 😊

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