Faith It Until You Make It

Prescription: Where’s Your Faith?🤔

Dosage: Readers are required to check their faith strength-Strong📈or Weak📉

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Well, what do you know, it has been 3 months since my mother passed.

I’m still here.

I’m still pushing.

I’m still maintaining.

No, it has not been easy, but I never expected the process to be easy, especially in the first year. There were a lot of first that happened this year that made me feel her absence even more, but the amount of love and support surrounding me has never made me feel alone. I’m so grateful to God for placing some amazing people in my life. From my; family, friends, church family, bosses, and my mother’s co-workers I have truly been blessed.

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Which is why I can say that I’m doing well. Like I’ve mentioned before my help comes from the Lord. It’s only because of Him that I am sustaining.

In these 3 months God has opened my eyes and He has changed my perspective. My pastor says this a lot that sometimes we go through things in hopes that our situation will change, but maybe the situation happened to change you instead.

The loss of a parent is hard for anyone to handle, but not only was I dealing with my mother’s passing, but all the things she left behind. Such as, a HOUSE! And everything in the house seems like so much to manage, like where do I start? How can I, a 25-year-old, handle a home? I’m not even employed yet! This was NOT the plan I had for my life at all…

But as soon as I began to stress about everything going wrong under my care, God reminded me of my mom.

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My mother moved to Georgia from New Jersey when I was 8. At the time we moved we just buried my father 4 years ago, so she uprooted her life for a fresh start. She worked several places before she became a math teacher. She went back to school to obtain her Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Specialist (She was beginning her doctorate before she took ill). She worked in the church faithfully, all the while putting me through school and maintaining a house. My mother was in her late 30s when she moved to Georgia, and “life stuff” continually happened over the course of years and she was still making it, SURVIVING.

Growing up I wasn’t aware of every life complication, all I know is she made sure I never went without food, clothes, shelter, and transportation. Since she passed, I’m more knowledgeable that she didn’t always make the right decisions. She was facing some major life circumstances, but what was revealed to me through my reflection of her is she didn’t let those life complications break her. I remember at times I would hear my mother break out into prayer and I would hear her dancing in her room. Thinking about it now, I was never sure as to what made her break out into praise, but that’s what I mean, every life circumstance she faced didn’t stop her praise. It’s like the harder life got the harder she prayed, and GOD KEPT HER, & US!

I’m not worried, I’m not stressed…

I am young, but I’m more than capable.

I am younger than the age my mother was when she had to face life circumstances, but I have no reason to fear.

It’ so funny how I always questioned my drive and how I felt like I’ve never had any when compared to my mother, and God made me realize that the same drive within her is in me too.

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What I realize is what I’m experiencing is not solely for my benefit. This past weekend I attended a tea party and it was phenomenal. The guest speaker who also was experiencing grief, gave me enlightenment that we go through life troubles to eventually help someone else. You are the answer for somebody else. And the pain you experience from life does not dilute that answer. 

With that said,

I am no longer stressed, worried, or fearful because I know God will keep me…because He is my SOURCE, my HELP, my SUSTAINER, and my WAY MAKER and that’s just to name a few!

I trust Him.

Will I make the right decisions all the time? Nope, but I have enough wisdom to know that He placed the right people around me & I don’t have to figure things out alone.  I trust His direction and like my favorite scripture Jeremiah 29:11 says, He gets nothing from me being stressed because His thoughts toward my future are filled with hope and peace. So, I will continue to push through and maintain my faith because if He kept me while my mother was living, He will surely keep me now!

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!        .

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