Calibrating Chelsea

Prescription: Balance check 1 2 1 2! ⚖️

Dosage: Readers are required to let God be the center in 2020 and let the Holy Spirit lead you! 🤹‍♀️

Hi! Welcome to Life, how may I assist you?

    -Yeaaaa, let me get an order of Bills, Mortgage, Dreams, ooo gotta have some Church,  a little romance and some friends with a side of Balance please. 

    Oh, sorry, we’re all out of Balance.

    -But I can’t enjoy my order without Balance!

    Sorry maybe next time….

    -Next time, but I need it NOW!!!!

2019 was a crazy year! However, like I said in my Thank you post, 2019 brought back my smile. Something I haven’t done often since the passing of my mother. But, I noticed 2019 wasn’t crazy for everybody. I’ve seen more businesses being started, cars/homes being bought, babies, & engagement announcements in 2019, than I ever have in any year prior. And I am genuinely happy for everyone that experienced a milestone in 2019, it helped me to look at what I accomplished too…

I’m maintaining a house, bought my first car, working my business while obtaining a 9 to 5, keeping up with friends and family, going to church faithfully, and making time for my love life. 

Is this what adulting looks like?

If so then …wait, what’s that? 

My insurance is due? Didn’t I just pay it? 

-Yea, last month remember? Girl say it with me, Monthly Bills!

Woah how did my Power bill get so high?

Uh girl you left every device you own plugged up, and don’t forget your fan stay running. You feeling alright?

No I’m not! I think I need a burger with some extra fries. 

Ok, but remember them extra fries mean extra thighs!

I hate it when you’re right. But I did say I wanted to be healthy this year… But how? Can life just press pause for a second… I mean JESUS!

Call on Him girl!

2019 was crazy for me mainly because I was drowning in life stuff. I was juggling so much and stressing out because of it. I was overwhelmed, over eating, which led to me overcompensating. 

This is what adulting looks like when you don’t have balance!

Balance, such a simple word that holds so much value.

Not only was life becoming too much for me to handle, but spiritually I was drowning as well.  A result of my focus being off, which led to my perspective being uncertain. Focusing on life being overwhelming had me wondering why am I going through this God?  

And while I was in an uncertain state of mind about life…God was moving. 

God had sent me reminders and gave me a REALITY CHECK!

In the remainder of the year, I received so many encouraging messages which let me know somebody was praying for me! 

Along with the encouraging messages God gave me a reality check at a conference I attended for creatives. 

 At the conference a powerful life coach by the name of Lakeisha Dixon spoke on the attitude you have when God blesses you. She gave the example of  how God blesses you with a job and you treat that job like it has no value to your process of fulfilling your dreams. 

Wooow, that cut me deep. I was already overwhelmed with everything I was juggling and becoming frustrated with my job as well, but hearing her say that resonated with me. 

I had a poor attitude about my life and my job…when all along He was supplying the answer in the midst of my frustration. God was urging me to have balance. Looking back,  I remember in our weekly bible study sessions, pastor was teaching on the Holy Spirit, and the many characteristics of the Holy Spirit, such as the Holy Spirit being a guide.  

Sooo, let me get this straight.  I could’ve had balance all along? 

Yep, girl I told you sometimes you be trippin! You’re not alone, God is with you!

You’re right He is, even after Jesus ascended He sent us help.

Learning to balance is not something you can do out of your own will, trust me I tried and failed miserably. But I know better now, and I don’t have to juggle by myself.  He really got Chelsea all the way together towards the end of 2019. I had to change my attitude  and change my perspective on my current situation and let the Lord lead me. 

Shortly after reflecting on my 2019 and seeing my shortstops I received the news that my job was facing a reduction and my role was no longer needed. Now the human side of me was shocked, however I knew this was God, because I had already told the Lord I needed a change of pace. And here was my opportunity for change, but the key was to trust God and let Him lead the way. 

I’m sure  you all have big plans for 2020, and I do too. But I urge you this year to put God in your plans. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide. You know I’ve been unemployed before, (read about in Graduated & Unemployed) and I learned at that time that God is my source, not my diploma or money. In this moment I’m learning He is also my guide. I have to let Him lead me…with my business, finances, my health, healing, maintaining a home, my vision, even in  my relationships. 

I’m thrilled to start 2020 off with God at the center of my plans. 

Are you with me?  If you are then,

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

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