Daily Fix:Defy Odds

This week’s Daily Fix is dedicated to Black History Month. 

Daily Fix is meant to encourage and inspire, & this week I wanted to shed light on material that was thought provoking. The amazing film Queen & Slim came to mind.  Because this film not only showcased the reality of Blacks, but the importance of seeing, having, & experiencing Black Love.

If you haven’t seen this film, stop reading and please go WATCH NOW! 

For those who watched, let’s discuss that ending. The entire movie gave me chills, but that ending…OMG! My mind was a rollercoaster watching Queen & Sim, I remember thinking in the beginning they’re not going to make it, but as you watch the film  you began to feel this overwhelming amount of hope for these fictional characters, like they’re survival was bigger than the movie itself. I mean that first shot that killed Queen, felt like it pierced through my skin, & to see a woman on the other end of that gun brought tears to my eyes. However, seeing both characters die brought back every present  black death 10x’s more. The families of Trayvon, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, came to mind and I couldn’t process the purpose behind the ending. Why should we have to relive another black person’s death? After taking some time to let this movie sit in my thoughts, listening to reviews, and reading articles about the ending….(I couldn’t let it go!). I’ve come to the conclusion that Queen & Slim is not about the ‘on the run’ story presented, but it’s more about the consistent black narrative that’s become America’s  reality: Blacks don’t matter…which is NOT true. We are more than a hashtag. The film presented an underlying message of Blacks defying odds!  

February represents millions of Blacks that defied odds set against them way before there was a Queen or Slim. And today we have that same tenacity to defy odds. I look at my own family construct and we choose to love each other in spite of histories attempts to break the black family. We choose to appreciate the black men in our family and uplift the black women in our family in spite of. I look at my church and how we choose to show love to others because the bible teaches God is Love, and the hate doesn’t define me. I look at my friends, all shades of black and appreciate them because we are Black Excellence; degreed, business women, mothers. first-time graduates, believers, all striving to create a legacy.

I look at myself and I choose to love me because not only am I a woman, but a Black Woman. And I embrace my culture with open arms, because we defy odds. 

United & Standing together

Choosing Love versus the Hateful tactics

Changing the reality 


Defying the odds set against US 

Thanks to Melina Matsoukas and Lena Waithe for creating a film that showcases the power of Black Love.

Defy all odds set against you this week and always Stay Encouraged.

Happy Black History Month!

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