It’s the Connects for Me..

Prescription: Purposeful Connections

Dosage: Readers are required to highlight their influential corner & share their resources

June shook the world, huh?

 So far, June has been the most memorable month of 2020. After COVID-19 hit, I thought the world was at a standstill, but even the quarantine couldn’t stop America’s deeply rooted history with racism from rising.

As a Black woman I recognize the anger,  pain, and frustration being displayed over every media platform. Although I may not know Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Rayshard Brooks,  I understand  the world is grieving, the Black community is grieving. And it matters WHY! Over the years grief has taught me that you cannot tell anybody how to express their grief. My heart and my prayers go out to all of the families affected.

As I mentioned in the blog How You Doing I am inspired by the solidarity that has flooded my social media lately. People everywhere are finding ways to step out against racism. I saw a video of George Floyd’s daughter saying, “Daddy changed the world”  and I smiled because it’s true, the world is changing…finally. There’s a shift happening in the world, #BlackLivesMatter is no longer painted as just a chant, but an introduction to change. Companies, Countries, & Cultures are becoming allies: they’re finding ways to connect to the cause or like my girl Rihanna said in her acceptance speech ( at the NAACP Image Awards)  they are finding ways to “pull up”. The system was never crafted in our favor. Instead the system has only favored one race.  I believe June came to shake up the systems that are set in place to overpower us (stay tuned for more in my next blog on racism). 2020 will go down in history as the year we all purposely connected to dismantle the system and build a better tomorrow. 

In times like these connections can be powerful. As you grow older, it matters who you are connected to. It matters who’s in your corner. It matters who’s on your team. You know why? The world is proving daily the purpose of making connections, RESOURCES! Listen, there’s a plethora of ways to connect to the cause; Support Black Owned Businesses, Donate, Protest, Sign Petitions, & Influence your platform. 

 I am grateful for the purposeful connections that have influenced me positively. 

  • Friends/Family Connections

Friends-The connections that I enjoy life with! My beautiful, educated #BlackGirlMagic crew is bomb! They are all on the road to impacting the world in a great way!

Family-The connection that portrays my history. Beautiful shades of Black who redefine the history of the ‘black family’. Every year we come together and celebrate our unity.

  • Business Connections

The connections  that inspires me to be the BOSS I am! 

  • Church

The connection that teaches me how to have a life that glorifies God & how to impact the world by being the salt & the light of the earth.

These connections are the reason I continue to use my platform to be a positive influence. In so many ways they have impacted me, and I would like to take a moment and share their resources with you! In doing so I hope I’ve influenced you to highlight your purposeful connections and share the resources you’ve gained with others. After June is over let’s continue to find ways to connect! 

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!


More to come! 

Connect, Support, & Share!

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