Prescription: Self Care Boss

Dosage: Readers are required to make self care a priority.

Being a boss female has become trendy overtime, but it’s the ultimate goal for me! Having it, Being it, Owning it, yes Daily Readers, it’s a lifestyle and I am right on track!
However, I’ve noticed the “boss female” according to social media has some unhealthy standards. For instance, bosses can’t sleep? Listen, Imma get my 8 hrs in #period

Grinding & Hustling is always highlighted when the boss female mentality is discussed, but what about self care? We know the boss female takes care of business, but is she taking care of herself too?
God gave me the vision for my business, & at the time it seemed unreachable because of how big it was compared to where I was in life. Has that ever hapened to you? You see, God always sees the finished results, & sometimes He allows us to see a glimpse of the results to prove we have the tools to get it done. The thing is those tools are developing as we grow & mature in Him.

That’s what’s self care is! It’s all about making a space for you to grow! And in that space you are renewing, refreshing, recharging, learning, & reflecting about YOU. That’s my definition of a “boss female” someone who is growing in all areas of her life (mentally, physically, spiritually, financially ). The idea that a boss is all work and no play, or works so hard so one day they can play harder is ridiculous and UNHEALTHY! Take a day off, relax all day if you have to, take a trip, it’s not going to kill you, it’ll actually help you!
Create your own version of a Boss Female just don’t forget to include a daily self care routine!

All July I’m sharing self care tips & how you can achieve them during a pandemic!

WARNING* I am not a guru, expert, or doctor, please precede with caution.

Self Care Tip #1: A Change of Scenery
I know it sounds crazy, since we’re limited to where we can go at the moment, but a change of scenery is more about trying a new approach in reaching your self care goals. My self care goals for the remainder of 2020 are centered around being healthy. I’m no stranger to working out at home, but since the pandemic I’m not as motivated… so I tried something new. I’ve been hearing great reviews about nature trails, and I just had to see the benefits for myself. A week ago my boss bestie and I walked the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. We talked, sweated, and burned several calories. Y’all, I haven’t walked that many miles in years, and my body felt amazing afterwards. The view was breathtaking! The flowers, greenery, & the waterfall…take a look!

What are your current self care goals? Know that you don’t have to complete your goals by approaching them in one way. Think of a spa, it’s created to pamper and relieve stress, yet they offer several ways to accomplish that 1 goal. Apply the same approach to your self care goals! Explore your options & bring a friend!

Stay Safe & Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!


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