Self Care Like a Boss During a Pandemic

I never realized how important self care was until I started working! Work can be so STRESSFUL! The coworkers, the different assignments, the several meetings that should have been an email, & since I worked in customer service, ALL OF THE DEMANDING CALLS!

Omg! Sis needed a break no scratch that derserved a break! AND DID! Every weekend I either pampered myself at the nail salon or took a much needed shopping spree…but all of that ended as soon as I was laid off and the world shut down. I couldn’t shop in the stores anymore nor could I visit my favorite nail salon because we were all in quarantine.

Like others, I was trying to figure out how to survive during a pandemic. Yes, making sure bills were covered was at the top of my list, but so was my mental health! I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was creating my own self care routine, & I didn’t have to throw my routine completely out the door I just needed to adjust it.
I’m grateful for the quarantine, because it forced me to try new techniques that catered to mental health.
Like I said in the last blog, find a way to cater to you! We may have to adjust to this new normal for awhile, so I advise my Daily Readers to not give up on creating a self care routine, but instead research & find out what works for you!

Create a Space
Sounds so simple right? I’m sure most of you live on your own, but have you ever thought before the pandemic that each space in your place is created for a specific use. Kitchen: Eat, Bedroom; Sleep…etc. I’m sure since the pandemic we’ve all become a little sick of our homes. I suggest you create a space just for you. Whether it’s a space to create, meditate, or your own work from home area, make it yours! Make it your place of peace specially made for you by you!

Learn a New Task
This pandemic has definitely brought out the creative in me. In school I failed Art, but if they a had a DIY course I would have excelled. I was inspired by the lovely @DiaryofaCurvyGirl to create my own backdrop. This project was so much fun & helped me switch up my background and create content for my business. However, if you’re not a DIY person you can also sign up for free courses & learn Graphic Design or a Foreign Language. Also, some of your favorite Business Owners are offering branding courses right now on Instagram. Information is literally at your fingertips! Take advantage & Go For It!!!

Podcasts & Planners
I know planners seem so grade school-ish but they can be very helpful with creating a stress free week. If you’re working from home invest in a planner to schedule out your day. Become your own manager of time! Prep yourself for the best week & set yourself up to win.

If you love motivation, entertainment, & free tips..then you should get into Podcasts. There are sooo many to choose from on whichever platform you like best. Personally I love listening to crime Podcast. They’re so entertaining, some of my favorites are “Crime Junkies & True Crime Obsessed” Check them out when you have the time, and feel free to share some of your fav Podcast wih me!

In the midst of a Pandemic you can still be a self care boss, so make your routine fun!

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