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Hey Daily Readers! I’m back with another great product for dry skin.

Grab your coffee & let’s talk about it!

If you have been following my eczema blogs then you know I have  switched from using medicated creams to finding holistic remedies. So far so good, I am loving the DIY sugar scrubs I make with lemon, sugar, & honey. Also, using natural products like CBD oil & Olive Leaf Extract have offered my skin much relief.  This holistic journey has been interesting and the great thing is I already see a huge difference in my skin compared to the medicated creams. 

Always remember Daily Readers, whether you’re trying new products or new strategies  it’s always important to monitor & listen to your body. As mentioned in the latest skin blog my Areola had become very irritated over the year. Thank God I was cleared of Breast Cancer, however nothing was offering alleviation to the dry skin around my breast. Until my good ol faithful friend Google popped up. According to Google a lot of women deal with Areola irritations when they’re breastfeeding and they recommenced trying over the counter creams like Cortisone, Neosporin, & Aloe Vera. 

Y’all, It worked!

I had visited my doctor twice & they couldn’t figure out what my problem was, yet Dr. Google came in clutch. (This time)

Which has been my problem with most doctors, as many doctors as I have seen over my dry skin none of them ever ask how am I doing mentally. They automatically feed me the speech about soaps, hot water, and detergents …like I don’t know that already. 

At 27, I am finally understanding this skin of mine’s . When I am stressed my skin becomes stressed, when I am unhappy so is my skin. My skin literally mirrors whatever I’m feeling internally. 

Well, since the pandemic began I had become very unhappy (want to know why? stay tuned for the next blog). Like clockwork my skin began to mirror my state of mind. It was time for me to do some soul searching, so I decided to take a vacay away from everything. At the time my friend hit me up to try a sample of her handmade soaps. Can you say perfect timing! 

I had been using Dove sensitive skin soap and Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap and both were OK, but they didn’t offer my skin much change which was not the case with my friends soap. 

My friend’s business Butter Apothecary offers luxury handmade soaps for men & women. She offered me a sample of the Plain + Simple soap which has a mixture of several oils. I was blown away by the amount of lather I received from the sample size as well as how moisturized my skin felt after 1 use. I immediately texted her like girl this soap is the truth! I was using the Plain+Simple soap all over my body including my face. Within the week of me using the soap I saw a difference. My face suffers from dry skin & blackheads in my T-Zone area. However after washing my face with the Plain+Simple soap day and night, I saw my blackheads clearing. Y’all, this soap had offered me 10xs the moisture than my usual soaps.

PLUS…ever since I took my month break to tackle self care I can see my skin improving slowly but surely.  It’s going on 2 months since I’ve had a flare up  or break out. PRAISE GOD! 

I have made a commitment to focus heavy on maintaining my stress levels while letting the products do the work. #DREAMTEAM

You can shop with Butter Apothecary soaps here ( and checkout her socials listed in our Black Owned Business Directory ; The Melanin Pages

 Currently I am using the Oatmeal, Milk,+ Honey soap, I chose this particular soap because oatmeal is a known moisturizer for dry skin! 

What are your natural remedies or favorite products for dry skin? Let me know below!

See y’all in the next blog Daily Readers!

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