Christmas in a Pandemic

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way to Quarantine! Day 198189281982 of the Pandemic & we are all over it!


2020 hasn’t been all bad…this year has been a year of reflection for everyone! I’m sure we all are looking at life differently & appreciating the simple things! Especially during the holidays when we can’t celebrate with family or do our normal holiday traditions.

Which is why I am participating in BLOGMAS! Not only do I want to spread some Christmas cheer, but I hope we can celebrate Christmas together by creating our own virtual family! I know it may sound cheesy, but seriously let’s connect!

What are you doing for Christmas? Comment and let me know. If you’re participating in Blogmas or Vlogmas comment your handles, I would love to support and interact with your page!

Below are some ways you can celebrate Christmas during a Pandemic:

Christmas on Zoom

Don’t give up on Zoom just yet! Zoom has came in handy during the Pandemic, so why not try a holiday themed zoom party. We may can’t eat in the same room together, but you can play interactive games together through Zoom! Try playing Family Feud or you can create your own Family Jeopardy! Play some Christmas tunes & make it a Christmas to remember.

Shhh…Secret Santa

I love playing secret Santa during this time, this might be a tradition you don’t have to give up on! You can designate one of your friends or family members to orchestrate the secret Santa and to enhance the anticipation factor tell everyone to mail their gifts & once all gifts are delivered utilize our best friend ZOOM to showcase everyone’s gift. Amazon is a great place to shop for secret Santa gifts, plus they have the “is this a gift option” which lets the sender be anonymous.

Blogmas or Vlogmas

Not only me, but there’s plenty of creatives that are creating they’re own Christmas cheer. Subscribe & interact with other creatives, you may stumble across someone who can’t see their family due to the current events yet they are finding ways to connect with their virtual family! What’s happening today is happening to ALL of us, let’s continue to uplift each other during this unfortunate time. Your interactions with other creatives can go a long way!

Day 1 of BLOGMAS 24 more to go!

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

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