Christmas Memories: 1st Christmas with BAE

My fiancé and I have been dating for 2 years, our first Christmas together was back in 2018. This was not only my first Christmas with BAE, but the first Christmas without my mom being present. I was a bottle of emotions and BAE was being so supportive so I knew I wanted this Christmas to feel special.

Around 2018,. I finally had a job that paid well and I was over excited to buy BAE a really nice ya girl was out looking for gifts on Thanksgiving. S/N Shopping for men is a job within itself, and he made it harder on me because he kept saying “IDK what I want, I don’t want anything”.

Celebrating the “first” of many holiday seasons together holds so much pressure because you want everything about that memory to be perfect , but I WAS OVER IT!

On the other hand I wasn’t that difficult to buy a gift for. I wanted to make the gift giving easier for him so I told him my top 5 gifts just to make sure he NEVER EVER gets it wrong!


2.Gold Jewelry




Ladies & Men, if you are dating someone who may struggle with gift giving, try giving your partner a list of the things you like or a list of useful items you may need.

I tried the same approach with BAE and as we were trying to figure out the things he liked I saw exactly what he needed. Over the months I had been helping him revamp his personal style, but there was one thing missing from his closet, a watch. BAE’s style varies from chill to GQ when the occasion arises. A gold accented watch would compliment his style perfectly. That was it, I found the perfect present so by Black Friday I was ready to shop. I knew about a few watch brands, however Michal Kors caught my eye because of their great watch collection.

At the time I was visiting my grandparents in South Carolina, so I had to hurry and buy the MK watch because I was headed back to Atl the next day. Y’all I was beyond excited when I bought this watch because I knew it was perfect. I literally could not wait to show him the gift… and Christmas was a month away and that just felt like years to me.

So I went home and immediately told him I bought his gift and I …gave it to him!

BAE celebrated Christmas on November 30 . Good news: He loved the watch! Bad news: On Christmas I HAD NOTHING ELSE TO GIVE!

Now BAE didn’t follow me he actually waited until Christmas to put my gift under the tree and I loved my gift as well. I felt so bad that I had slick ruined our first Christmas gifts. But we still enjoyed our holiday. We spent Christmas with my cousin and his wife playing UNO and drinking Welch’s Sparkling Cider. I did learn my lesson by next year Daily Readers (have stocking stuffers) but, I’m so glad our first Christmas was enjoyable despite my early outburst.

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