Gifts For Her

In yesterday’s blog I dropped my Top 5 gift list; which consisted of shoes, jewelry, purses, food, and my favorite MONEY! But, let’s be honest these are typical everyday gifts you can buy for any lady. Let’s go a little deeper fellas, here are some gifts ideas for your special lady!


A pandemic causes for a day of pampering. Set an appointment at your partner’s favorite spa or make it even more special by bringing the spa to her. Grab essential oils & face masks, lay out her robe and slippers next to a hot cup of relaxing hot tea. Play some soft jams then set up your room where the massage will take place with petals and fragrant candles. You’re all set for a special spa day. To add that Christmas spirit to your spa day gift, you can use popular Christmas scents like Peppermint, Cranberry, or Vanilla. (Bath & Body Works has great holiday candles)


Gift your partner a Christmas date either the day of or on a specific day. Try to surprise her with something you two don’t normally do. Have her get dressed in something that pertains to the type of date you’re creating. Some examples: 5 star Restaurant Home Edition, Movie Night Outside, or Spicy Game Night. BE CREATIVE! She will appreciate your effort. (If you get stuck try Pinterest, they have awesome ideas!)


Sometimes a lady just wants to know that you pay attention to what she likes and DOESN’T like! This idea will definitely earn you some brownie points fellas. I f you know the places your partner likes to shop or dine, try buying gift cards at each location. Then create a guide for your lady to use and have her drive around and pick up each gift card! (Corroborate with the employers ahead of time, trust they would be happy to assist)

Don’t let the Pandemic get in the way of creating beautiful memories with your partner! You can still make this a Christmas to remember!

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