Gifts For Him

Guys are the most simple yet frustrating people to shop for. When it comes to guys, money seems like the easiest gift to give, but lets be more thoughtful this Christmas ladies. Anytime I shop for my fiancé I always think about the things he needs. Since he’s a business owner I know there’s always something he needs in that department, what about your partner? Instead of giving him money or another pair of socks, what are some items he needs?

Here’s my list on thoughtful gift to give your special guy!


Have you heard the latest…subscription boxes are taking over! What kind of products does your man buy often, more than likely there’s a subscription box waiting for him. This Christmas set your boo up with an account to receive some of his favorite products every month! Checkout the websites of the products he uses, they may offer a neat subscription package . (Checkout MANSCAPED for guys who like nice underwear and self grooming products)


Personalized items are the sweetest gifts. Last year for my boo’s birthday I gifted him a personalized card holder. He loved it! This year you can gift your boo a product with his name on it, something sweet, an insider, whatever you want on just about anything you want! Socks, pens, chains, bracelets, watches, ANYTHING! (Checkout Things Remembered online or locally, they offer several f items to monogram)


Whenever I think of getting BAE a gift, I always think of how can I make something easier for him in his daily routine. In our first year of dating I noticed he carried his computer around by hand all the time, it bothered me so I decided by his next birthday to buy him a backpack. Once I know what I’m getting him, my search begins and I narrow my options down to what he needs the most. This year, think of how you can make your boo’s day a little easier. He may need a supportive backpack, a new wallet, updated website, or a service like cleaning, personal shopping , redecorating his home or special room for our married couples!( If you’re looking to update your boo’s style, I am a personal shopper, send me an email at: )

Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of making this Christmas special for you and your partner!

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