Christmas Memories: Favorite Christmas

As a child I looked forward to celebrating Christmas with my family. My mom and I would travel to South Carolina to visit my grandparents almost every holiday. I have memories of sleeping on the couch next to the cookies and milk just so I could catch Santa Clause! Those were the good ole days! 

Getting older caused my excitement for Christmas to change however, I still enjoyed spending Christmas with people I loved. When your a child Christmas is all about the gifts, but when you grow older you learn the reason for the season! Spending time with family. Making memories with family. Enjoying time with family.

My favorite Christmas is not the Christmas where I run down the stairs to open up my presents under the tree, but it’s the Christmas I was able to celebrate with my best friends and their families.

The year was 2014, and this Christmas was very non traditional for my family and I. I was home from college and as soon as I start to unpack my bags, my mother tells me she’s headed out of town for Christmas. She left me the car and some spending money and her set of rules for the house. I didn’t mind having the house to myself, but I have to admit I didn’t want to spend Christmas alone.

Time to call up the besties! Shout out to my girls/bridesmaids Tilly and DeLandria for opening their homes & sharing their families with me.

My Christmas Day started with Tilly and her mother’s tasty greens! I immediately came inside and grabbed a plate and within minutes my food was gone. I stayed for awhile said my “thankyous” and headed to my next destination.

Last stop was at DeLandria’s new apartment. She had a small get together with her mother and cousins. I remember we played several rounds of BINGO, I didn’t win once., however we laughed and joked the entire time. After all the food was put away, Dee and I ended our Christmas at the movies, which was surprisingly packed! I had no idea how many people visited the movies as apart of their Christmas tradition.

Although this Christmas was non traditional I was able to experience the true meaning of Christmas, celebrate with people you love. I’m thankful for the friends I have, they are definitely my family away from family. I’m hoping this year’s BLOGMAS will become my favorite Christmas memory because I’ll be celebrating with my virtual fam!

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