Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Don’t judge me, BUT I was today years old when I stated using Stocking Stuffers! I know I’m late to the party, but I never had a purpose for them until now! If you’ve read my blog on me and BAE’s first Christmas together then you already know why I have my stocking stuffers handy.

Stocking Stuffers can go a long way with a little creativity!


Why not play a guessing game with your household using your stockings! Make everyone participate in buying each other a gift , (similar to a household secret Santa) and stuff your stockings with hints! Each day leading up to Christmas check your stockings or Christmas Eve everyone check and make a guess at what their gift is. Whoever gets it right gets to open it early…etc! Make it fun and make it your own!


Center your stocking stuffers around a central theme! This will make shopping for stuffers easier for everyone in the house! Some examples are COVID-19 you can stuff your families stockings with masks, hand sanitizers, miniature Lysol cans …etc Another theme you can try is Winter; hot cocoa packets, gloves, leg warmers…etc. Find a theme that’s fun for your family and start shopping!


If you know most of your families favorites then use their favorites list as a guide to stuff their stockings. Find out their favorite: Candy, Scents, Stores, Restaurants , Movie, Tv…etc you can get creative with buying items that will remind them of their favorite movie/show!

Make your stocking stuffers fun and make sure they add to the anticipation of Christmas!

Checkout my bestie’s Vlogmas! She gave some great stocking stuffer ideas!

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