Christmas without my Angel

I had no idea my last Christmas with both of my parents would be my last…

I was 4 when my father passed and since I was so young I don’t remember all the details of my last Christmas with him, but I’m glad I have a photo to cherish the moment.

However, because I lost my mom in 2018, around the holidays, I tend to reflect on our last Christmas together a lot. Probably because I didn’t know it would be the last Christmas.

When you lose loved ones, everything after happens so fast & sometimes your memories fade.

Well thanks to Instagram’s “yearly reminder” I remembered my last Christmas with my mom & it was a beautiful holiday.

My grandparents were in town and had cooked a nice meal compared to the McDonalds we had been stuffing ourselves with! Shortly after we ate, we put on our Christmas best and headed to the hospital to share our spread with my mom! Since being hospitalized my mother’s appetite had been up & down, but that day she ate GOOD! Although I didn’t care to spend Christmas at the hospital, I will always cherish my last Christmas with my Angel!

For those who are feeling holiday grief, you are not alone! There’s help to get through the holiday season!

Something that works for me is sharing stories. Because the memories I have of my parents during the holidays are somewhat of a blur, I love hearing others share the holiday memories they shared with my parents! It actually helps me to enjoy the holiday more.

If you’re feeling stuck, checkout another uplifting blog that gives encouragement to the grieving,

We will survive this holiday, Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

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