Food Must-Haves

Christmas doesn’t have a specific taste like Thanksgiving does. You already know once November hits, it’s Turkey time, but it’s not the same for Christmas.

Both holidays are so close I can see why most people eat the same thing for Christmas & Thanksgiving. If this is you, SWITCH IT UP!

Start a new tradition of trying something new on Christmas! If you wanted to experiment on Thanksgiving, but everyone told you NO! Then this is your holiday to try that new recipe!

And while your whipping it up, make sure you have these TOP 3 Must -Haves!

Banana Pudding

My favorite dessert hands down! If there’s no banana pudding, there’s no me!

Mac ‘N Cheese

The Holiday Side Dish that compliments just about Everything!


Pie is the SAFEST dessert! You can’t go wrong with having any kind of Pie; Lemon Meringue, Apple, Sweet Potato, Pecan…etc

What new recipes are you trying this Christmas? I’m trying Deep Fried Deviled Eggs! Pictures coming soon!

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