Holiday Drinks

I am an avid coffee drinker! I can drink coffee any season at any time of day, but during the holidays I crave certain drinks!


I wasn’t always crazy about Egg Nog due to some brands putting too much egg in the nog, but I’ve finally found the BEST brand of Egg Nog! Kroger has the best Egg Nog in town! If you’re not a fan of egg nog because of the taste then you should try Kroger’s brand, it has a creamy milky texture with a hint of cinnamon & vanilla. So YUMMY!


Hot Cocoa is the staple drink around the colder seasons. My favorite brand of hot cocoa is by Land O Lakes! If you love coffee then you’ll love all of the Land O Lakes flavors! Raspberry & Amaretto are my top 2!


Cinnamon & Apple flavors are so soothing to smell & drink during this time of year! Drinking a hot cup of Apple Cider with a nice holiday cookie just makes me feel like Christmas is near!

What are your favorite Holiday Drinks? I know places like Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts change their entire menu’s to promote their holiday drinks! This year, Enjoy your favorite holiday drink in our Daily Dose Mugs!!

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