Holiday Scents

Christmas has a smell and I’m not referring to the smells from the kitchen! I’m talking about holiday candles!

Around the holidays I love the smells of Christmas trees, peppermints, apples, & cinnamon! You can never go wrong gifting me a candle. I love going to the store and visiting the candle aisle, I’m literally there sniffing every candle I can like a perfume bottle!

Good candles can be costly, but there’s always a deal at my top 3 places!


The pandemic didn’t stop Bath & Body Works from having their annual candle sale! B&BW holds the number 1 spot for selling the best scents! I don’t have a favorite yet…but I was gifted a candle from them one Christmas & let’s just say I UNDERSTAND THE HYPE!


Target has some of the best smelling candles, & not just holiday scent candles, but the everyday scent candles that you buy from time to time! What makes Target my favorite place to shop for candles are the deals! Right now they have $5 miniature candles in their Stocking Stuffers Aisle! Of course I sniffed them all and yes they smell amazing! Plus, if you want any larger candles they have $10 deals happening in the store as well!


If you were on my InstaStory last week, I was at Kroger shopping for Christmas decor and was blown away by the deals Kroger was offering on candles! Once I saw $5.99 I had to pick up this beauty! I’ve bought Tuscany Candles before & they get the job done! They will fill the room with the scent and have a long lasting burn! Currently I’m using their holiday scent “Sleigh Bells” so far I love the aroma, it’s not too strong but a nice subtle scent that flows in the room!

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