Christmas Past

How has Christmas changed overtime for you?

As a child, there were so many reasons why I loved Christmas. Christmas time meant that I was out of school for a couple of weeks, I could visit my favorite cousins and most importantly I could spend time with my grandparents. Because my mom and I spent almost every Christmas with my grandparents I had double the gifts!

My excitement for Christmas has changed overtime because I’m older and my circumstances are different. I’ve graduated high school and college plus, decorating your entire house and putting up a tree is A FULL TIME JOB!

It seems as if I have to find reasons to be excited about the holidays. Right now, my reasons are Blogmas, maybe next year I’ll be in the holiday spirit because it will be my first Christmas as a wife! My fiancé and I are excited to create our own Christmas traditions…I CANT WAIT!

Blogmas has made me realize that I’m not too old to still feel the joy I once felt as a child, but we’ll talk about this more on my last day!

An Christmas Throwback

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