Merry Christmas!

After 24 blogs we are finally here🎉 …the last day of Blogmas! I’ve really enjoyed blogging about Christmas & sharing my holiday favorites with my virtual fam! I hope our connection continues to grow Daily Readers! Now let’s wrap up our “Daily Dose Christmas” with a big shiny bow!

Here are my Top 3 Moments of Blogmas.


DailyDoseofChelsea is growing! I can get used to blogging Daily because we’ve gained over 15 new Daily Readers! Welcome to the fam y’all! Also, we officially hit the “50” Blogs mark and over 200 likes!🎉 Congratulations to us!


I don’t know about you, but being in the pandemic has stifled my creativity, however planning for Blogmas awakened my creative juices again! Not only did I have several topics I wanted to discuss on the blog, but this year, BAE & I were able to add Christmas Shoots to his photography business! I had so much fun decorating the studio and creating fun poses for our family clients. It feels good to know that I’m ending the year in my ‘creative bag’. Can’t wait to create more holiday content for you all!


The other day my cousin reminded me why this Christmas is special! My wedding date is months away & I haven’t realized yet that each day is counting towards my final days as a “Ms”. I know life will change for the both us after we say those two words. Time is moving so fast…

I want to enjoy my final days, holidays, and moments as a “Ms”. Because it matters how you end a chapter before you begin a new one. Initially I hoped to spread Christmas cheer throughout the internet with my Blogmas. That was the goal and indeed I fulfilled my goal and then some! That Christmas cheer has sparked me to be present and happy in my personal life.

I hope my Blogmas sparked your Christmas cheer an encouraged you to enjoy your holiday this year! Merry Christmas Daily Readers!

Merry Christmas Daily Readers!

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