How to Speak Over Your Mind

Some of the hardest battles we face start from within.

Because we are believers everyday is a fight; a fight to maintain your faith, a fight to keep going , a fight to control your emotions!

Don’t get me wrong, that’s also the beauty of being a believer, God knows our hearts and He didn’t intend for us to fight without weapons.

2020 was a year for the books. We were all facing a pandemic while dealing with our own personal issues. This past year I saw so many platform shed light on mental health and how important therapy is. Seeing so many conversations concerning mental health was great, but also showed me that I wasn’t the only one struggling.

Although I am grateful for the lessons learned in 2020, I literally could not wait for 2021 to start. Of course I knew we would still be dealing with the residue of 2020, but I just love what a new year represents, CHANGE.

And I have a few big changes happening this year therefore, I refuse to look at 2021 as 2020 part 2! No ma’am! New year means a new mindset! Why not start the year with JESUS? Every year my church participates in a 21 Day Fast. What is a fast? -willful refrainment from eating

Because 2020 was a mentallly draining year, I wanted to invite my Daily Readers to join me on my 21 Day Fast journey. I know from experience how beneficial a fast can be especially when you are facing battles within. Below are the 3 weapons I use along with fasting, to speak over my mind!


Prayer changes things. Prayer is one of those weapons that God intended for us to use, the key to activating your prayer is your belief! Try starting your day with prayer, trust it will make a huge difference in your thought process. If you want, try creating a prayer focus each week and watch God manifest!


Your Bible is your greatest weapon! The Bible has so many nuggets for believers and you will be surprised how many stories in the Bible relate to your current circumstance. During this time I love downloading Bible Plans that relate to what I’m seeking God for. If you have the BIBLE app try downloading a few bible plans, they are a great source for encouragement.


Worship can be key in changing how we look at situations. I encourage you to listen to music that encourages worship. During my fast I am taking a break from social media and secular music because I want my time with God to be free from distractions. Guard your ears! It’s ok to take a break from the popular apps and artists to focus on what you need from God. 

2021 we are locked and loaded and ready to overcome everything you may throw at us! 

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

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