I LOVE my Style!

It’s Day 1 of “All Dressed Up in Love” and of course I had to start off my 14 Days of Fashion with my personal style!

My style has evolved overtime but I’m most comfortable in Boho-Chic! It’s bold and comfortable with a dose of extra!

The way I shop today is based on comfortability. Since I am a plus size girl, I like to consider my body type & items that are diverse. Whenever I’m shopping I ask myself ; Can I dress it up & dress it down? Can I wear the items for more than 1 season? Can it serve multiple purposes, like can I wear it on date night & church.

From the questions I ask you can tell I love items that serve multiple purposes. Why? Because it benefits my closet from being full of clutter to essential. For example, the top I’m wearing is actually a dress! I know, cool right!

I love where my style is evolving to, it embodies the woman I am. What does your style say about you!

Style Details

| TOP: Boohoo| BOTTOMS: Pretty Little Thing | SHOES: BCBG

2 Replies to “I LOVE my Style!”

  1. YES to these looks and I love your style! I too have evolved and embrace my signature jean jacket look. Adding a layer is like the frosting on the cake whether it’s jewelry or a pop of color my look is complete when I Zoom from home. 😉 LOL

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