I LOVE Sneakers

Shoes and I have a special relationship! My father was a shoe salesman at Macy’s and he made sure my mother had EVERY trendy heel in her closet! (She even had a photo shoot with all of her heels) I’ve accepted my love for shoes is a family thing, we are shoe people! However, my favorite type of shoe will always be sneakers!

Whether they are high tops or low tops, patterns, platforms, expensive or cheap, honey I don’t discriminate …I LOVE ALL SNEAKERS!

I’ll never forget the day my mom bought my first pair of Air Force 1’s. They were gold and black low tops, y’all I took pride in those shoes. I would clean them every weekend with a toothbrush & bleach.

Air Force 1s & Jordan’s were the popular sneakers back then & from the looks of it they are still holding it down as #1. Over the years my love for sneakers have evolved with my style.

Today I’m rocking with: Vans, Converse, New Balance, ADIDAS, Steve Madden, Reebok & so many more! It just depends on what I’m looking for. I’m dying to have a pair of high top Air Force 1’s! ANY PAIR! If I didn’t have to be responsible in planning my wedding, I would’ve been cashed out and bought some. Maybe they’ll be my wedding present 🤞🏽

Sneakers are always categorized as casual, but I love to see fashionistas switch up the standards by dressing their sneakers up with suits and gowns! I hope to one day to throw a Sneaker Ball & make everyone dress up with a fresh pair of sneakers!

Style Details

| TOP: Asos | BOTTOMS: FashionNova | SHOES: Shoedazzle

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