Happy Black History Month Daily Readers! Let’s be clear, I celebrate being Black every day, but during February I celebrate extra hard! I’m listening to my fellow creatives drop black history facts, watching a new black history documentary/movie, pushing content that encourages my audience to embrace black history, and BUYING BLACK!

Every year I’m astonished about our history in this world. I love learning about how much Black men & women have contributed to the freedom we experience today. Around this time last year I traveled with my youth ministry to Montgomery, Alabama to visit the LEGACY Museum, The National Memorial for Peace & Justice, & Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church once pastored by Martin Luther King Jr.

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice Montgomery, Al

Witnessing the pain, strength, an endurance of my people made me feel a swarm of emotions at once. I will forever be grateful to be a Black Woman! No amount of hate will ever deter me from loving my people!

Celebrate Black History, Educate yourselves on Black History & Appreciate Black History!

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