I LOVE Black Sitcoms

Martin, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Living Single, & the all time classic Different World all have one thing in common…they all represent African American culture.

Growing up I often watched black sitcoms and instantly related to every character I saw. Even today I enjoy watching Blackish & Grownish, Insecure, & The Chi. I love seeing how filmmakers bring to light the beauty of our history & culture.

There are so many black characters to relate to, but today I’m paying homage to the one and only Whitley Gilbert, played by the beautiful Jasmine Guy. Whitley & Dwayne’s back and forth love affair will forever go down in black love history as the most cutest Tv couple.

My fiancé and I relate to their “friends turned lovers” story so much we call each other D.W. & W. G. Whitley’s class and witty remarks on top of her stellar style makes her an iconic character to watch!

Style Details

| TOPS: H&M | BOTTOMS: Shein | BELT: Fashion to Figure

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