I LOVE Denim

I’m sure if you have been keeping up with our “All Dressed Up In Love” blog series, you’ve noticed my love for denim!

Whether it’s a denim jacket, jeans, denim shirt, or a denim dad hat , I’m ROCKING IT!

Denim comes in so many shades, but I prefer a medium or dark blend of denim. Because of my shape, I’ve struggled with finding the perfect pair of jeans. Of course I have shopped at FashionNova, but their sizes can sometimes be slightly off. I have this same issue with most stores, either their jeans are too long with too much stretch, or no stretch at all!

Buying jeans can be risky for the plus size/ curvy girls, but I have found my top 3 places for jeans.

Old Navy

At first I didn’t believe the hype, but their Rockstar style jeans are BOMB! Old navy made me a believer, and it seems like their putting more styles in their plus section! They offer several shades and all the ripped denim you want!


Just one more thing that makes Target the #1 store in AMERICA! #IsaidwhatIsaid I normally buy my Jeggings from Target. Their Jeggings have that denim appeal you want but with ALL the stretch you need.

American Eagle

Just like Old Navy, I didn’t believe the hype, but I saw a TikTok by a curvy girl giving tips when shopping for jeans and sis was THICK! So, when she mentioned American Eagle I had to see for myself. S/O to sis, because I had no clue American Eagle offered plus size jeans. They are slightly pricey, but oh so worth it!

Style Details

| TOP: Old Navy (Men’s Section) | BOTTOMS: Old Navy | BELT: ysyntricity.com

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