Sis, are You the One?

The streets have been talking for a while, & I’m not sure I’m buying what they are selling. 


I refuse to use my platform to talk down to women, we get ENOUGH of that from men. Instead I choose to encourage all my sistas. This blog is dedicated to all of my beautiful Queens growing and learning to love themselves daily.

You all know, I am soon to be married, but that doesn’t mean I am a self proclaimed guru that knows how to get a BECAUSE I DON’T! I’ll leave that to the dating experts, but in the day of social media it’s really easy to look like an expert in something you know nothing about. Be careful Daily Readers, all scams don’t involve money. 

Speaking of experts they’re not hard to find when they’re all speaking the same language. They must all be graduating from the same class because the hot word right now is ‘manifest’. 

Popular influencer/comedian B Simone, has been using her platform to push the idea of manifestation for quite some time now. The latest news on her ‘manifest’ talks went a little something like this:

First off, I like B Simone. I honestly don’t follow everything she does, but I do support any Black woman dominating and winning like the Queen she is! However, I have some thoughts on this video. Now, nothing she said was wrong . No man or woman should settle for less than who they are. I agree, women should become the whole package they are searching for.  But, my problem  with most influencers is how they package the message to appear pretty, or in this case ‘funny’, but it’s lacking substance. What does self work even look like? What did she do to manifest love in her life? The messaging felt commercialized for a product coming soon. I could be  speaking too quickly,  she may be dropping some facts about how to manifest love . I hope she does because 1 thing is clear after watching this video go viral, sis has a following of women who would love to hear her “manifest love” story. I’m just saying, Transparency and Authenticity is all I want manifested in 2021. 

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This entire  manifesting love conversation  made me think about my love story and where I was mentally before my fiancé and I became serious. 

After my heartbreak I decided to give myself a year to heal and just be single. I didn’t have a physical list of the man I wanted, but I was praying to God for the traits I needed my next man to have. I dated a few prospects that were not the men I needed, which caused me to retreat from dating and just focus on being with me. I was open to love and a new relationship, but I was not open to wasting my time nor dealing with another heartbreak. So, I kept my focus on the things I could control, myself and I. 

Not to mention, BAE had been in my life for over 10 years and sometimes I wonder what made our love story form?

My favorite entertainment blogger Tasha K gave a word on this B Simone subject. She was interviewing Donnie P, a motivational speaker whose fans claim B Simone “plagiarized” her message. Towards the end of the conversation Tasha spoke on her experience of “manifesting love”.

Checkout the interview, if you wish!

 Tasha K mentions love was drawn to her because mentally she was READY for it. I couldn’t agree more, our love manifested because Bae and I were doing our own self work unbeknownst to each other.  In other words, we were preparing ourselves to be ready for love.

My Self Work Included:
  • Self Reflections – Blogging became my source of reflecting on my thoughts and feelings.
  • Making Goals for Myself- Not all goals have to center around business, my goals centered around my happiness. Such as, What can I do today to be happy?
  • Praying – I needed to heal! Who better to talk to than the one who knows ALL!
  • Reading- It’s fundamental, especially books that lead you in the right direction. I was reading books on the many ways God defines love!

I believe doing my self work led to things spiritually aligning for me that I had no idea about and love was one of those things. Since the beginning of our relationship we have let God be the driving force, because we know love wouldn’t have manifested without God being apart of the equation.

Self work shouldn’t be a requirement to only manifest love. Self work is apart of the process to becoming READY and that’s on everything!

Ladies,  I support you working on yourself for you! Learn what your version of self work is because sis it’s vital for you to reach the next level within. Your self work is opening up doors and opportunities that this ‘new’ level of you needs to reach. I pray you keep growing sis, and that you manifest a ready mindset this season!

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers

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