Happy 28th Birthday to ME!

Year 28 has arrived and reminded me that I am so close to 30! I’ve never thought 30 was old, but I remember being 15 and hoping by 30 my life would be together! Oh to be 15 again, innocently hoping and wishing for things that life will soon determine. Entering 28, ya girl has accomplished some major life goals, however I’m still counting on the next 2 years to get my life all the way together.

I’m looking forward to the year of 28 and all the joy this year will bring. I’ve made up in my mind that this year I am owning 28. #28ISMINE I am leaving nothing on the table concerning my happiness, health, wealth, & overall peace! This will the best year yet! I’m claiming it, and thanking God for the opportunities this year will bring.

I normally do not have any birthday plans, besides eating good and this year I was looking forward to eating some good food because operation “snatched for the wedding” has been in full effect since the beginning of the year. I was too ready to indulge in some greasy, unhealthy yet tasty FOOD!

Here’s how my birthday went: BIRTHDAY FESTIVITIES

Bae & I started off my birthday celebration with brunch at a Black Owned restaurant in Atlanta, Breakfast at Barneys. If you are in the Atlanta area this restaurant is a must try! Automatic 5 stars from me. Support Black Business!

After brunch we headed to Top Golf, for laughs and giggles because I learned that I completely SUCK at playing golf. Bae demolished me, so I sat back and enjoyed my lemon pepper wings on him while he acted like he was Tiger Woods 2.0. Shortly after we headed to my favorite restaurant the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and dessert.

At the end of the night I was full and satisfied! I enjoyed my entire day & appreciated all the love I received from my friends and family. Peep the Bday heels! ShoeDazzIe came through for the 3/9!!! Miss waist is trying to peek through too, I am 15 pounds down! Congrats to me, I truly entered 28 with a bang and it’s only up from here. #28ISMINE is my mood for the year!

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