Oak & Acorn Brand Launch at Nordstrom

When opportunity knocks, you swing that door open and say, “I was waiting for you at the door”.

That seems to be what happened to me last Thursday as I sat at home preparing for a much needed girls night when God was on the way to interrupt my plans! I received a call from my cousin telling me about an influencer event happening at her job. I was delighted she thought to call ME…an upcoming blogger nothing too fancy, to such an event. But as my pastor says every Sunday, “put my name on somebody’s heart and make them bless me” .

I just have to take y’all to church real quick, bare with me: These past few months have been strange for me. Since 2021 started I decided to take an extended break from social media. As a blogger I know social media is important, but I just haven’t been in the mood. My brain has been caught up in my wedding & LIFE, but this opportunity was the reminder I needed because I know God gave me the vision for my blog and my personal shopping business so it’s important for me to stay READY & PREPARED for any opportunity , not caught up in distractions. I have to always be on GO mode! Thanks to my cousin Kim for thinking of me, she certainly was the blessing I needed!

Sorry, I had to brag on God real quick. He is just too GOOD!

Now, lets get into the event…

This past weekend, Nordstrom welcomed New York native & Design Director, Miko Underwood’s brand Oak & Acorn~Only for the Rebelles.

When I arrived on the scene and saw Ms. Miko Underwood, I was intrigued by her style. She was rocking one of the pieces from her collection with a fresh pair of kicks and long twist in her hair swaying to its own rhythm as she eloquently spoke to the crowd about her collection. Nordstrom showcased her colorful Statement Hoodies with matching Joggers, a 90s styled Harem Denim Jeans & oversized Patterned Hoodie , a military styled collection featuring Joggers and a uniquely designed Bomber Jacket, & several Denim Jumpsuits.

The style, quality, & overall patterns blew me away, but the details behind each collection stole the show. I see why Miko Underwood is known as the “Denim Expert” because her patterns and stitching in her designs pays homage to the slaves who built what we know today as denim. Even her denim jumpsuits are credited to the labor force and prisoners , and she gives a percentage of the proceeds to an organization that focuses on children affected by incarceration. I knew she was a Queen when I saw her, and she is well on her way to building an empire for the culture.

I’m so inspired by her passion and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Oak & Acorn. Stay Up to date with Miko Underwood and her brand on Instagram @oakandacornofficial

Take A Look At The Collection:

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