Pearls From My Mother

Prescription : Keep your faith💐 Dosage: Readers are required to maintain💐 The beginning of 2018 has already started off rocky, I mean it has me completely thrown off… Life as I once knew it to be, is no longer my norm. And I’m wondering how do I adjust, who do

Goodbye 2017…

Prescription: What was your 2017 like?🤔 Dosage: Readers are required to learn from 2017 and keep pushing forward into 2018!👍🏽 2017…what a year! I’ve never felt so… just… I mean really… U N C O M F O R T A B L E 🧐Let’s look back at the beginning


Prescription: God is the PLUG🔌 Dosage: Readers are required to plug into God.♥️  If I could describe this past month in one word I would say: STRESSFUL. I haven’t felt this stressed since college!  Between friend drama and my mother taking ill, I JUST CAN’T DEAL! What do you do

Losing Control

  Prescription: God is in Control☝🏽 Dosage: Readers are required to submit their life to God 🙌🏽 Are you used to being in control? Well, I am… When I first started college, I had no clue what I wanted to do. I knew what I liked doing, but what I

Healing Is The Best Revenge 

Prescription: Healing for the broken heart💔             Dosage: Readers are required to give their broken heart to God, and let time heal the wounds🙏🏽   Sooo…a whole year has passed since my last relationship, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I can’t lie, dealing with a breakup was

Graduated & Unemployed…

Prescription: Who’s Your Source?👈🏽 Dosage: Readers are required to seek God because He’s your source🙏🏽   Graduating college was a huge achievement for me, especially since it took me 5 years to get my degree…but college is not a race, finish at your own pace. Anyways, I thought that getting

Why Be An Option?

  Prescription: Reality Check ✔️         Dosage: Readers are required to love who they are because HE chooses us 🙌🏽   Who knew that dating in 2017 would be this hard! I mean, we as Christian women are taught how to have morals and value ourselves, and know your worth,

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