Making Shopping Easier!


SHOP D o s e o f s t y l e Store


Personal Shopper

Personal Shopping services are available for clients in need of:

  • Shopping for stylish pieces
  • Shopping for an event
  • Shopping to upgrade wardrobe

Photo-shoot Styling

Styling services are available for scheduled photo-shoots.

This service is priced for a time block of 1-3 hours. if more time is needed please let me know ahead of time.

Closet Organization

Closet Organization services are available for clients in need of:

  • Upgrading Closet: Removing out of date clothing & organizing closet by season
  • Fashion Remedies: Creating looks from your wardrobe
  • Offer assistance to clients seeking to sell clothes


HELP! I’M BEING QUARANTINED AGAINST MY WILL! I have to admit that while I’m forced to be home, I’m able to tap into my creativity. After staring at my closet for hours I decided to create a look book for my Saved & Chic girls!

There are several stores that sell faith based fashion, & I support it 100%!!! How could you not?!

I hope you enjoyed my ‘Saved & Fly’ Look book, I look forward to making more!

Saved & Fly Clothing Details:


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