Pearls From My Mother

Prescription : Keep your faith💐

Dosage: Readers are required to maintain💐

The beginning of 2018 has already started off rocky, I mean it has me completely thrown off… Life as I once knew it to be, is no longer my norm. And I’m wondering how do I adjust, who do I run to, & where do I go from here?giphy (7) Let me fill you guys in,

On January 8, 2018 Earth loss a precious jewel and Heaven gained an angel: my mother (my teacher, my example, my fighter, my prayer warrior, my biggest cheerleader) took her last breath. Of course, with death you never expect it, but when it happens it’s almost like you feel as though you should’ve prepared. Maybe I should’ve hugged her or kissed her longer or gave her another back rub, but truth is there’s no way to prepare. All you can do is accept it and trust God.

You see I’ve been down this road before. I loss my father at the age of 4. Even though I was to young to understand, as I got older I recognized the pain I felt from not having him around.  And here I am 20 years later and the parent that raised me, showed me the way she knew best is…gone. Lord where do I start…c5dc2d3432135a9c711d19f99ff7021a.jpg The Sunday before my mother passed, I was in church and I remember the Sunday school lesson was about Daniel and how he had a sincere faith because no matter how hard the test he didn’t lose faith in God. It stuck with me and made me reflect on my mother; it was hard to see her sick, it was harder to see her hospitalized, now the hardest test is to live my life without her here.  My mother was a lively spirit. She could easily light up a room with her smile. She rarely met a stranger. She had a way of making you feel like you knew her your whole life. And in true mother fashion she always gave you pearls of wisdom. How am I supposed to go through life without her? Well she didn’t leave me empty handed…

My mother had many great attributes that I admired, but the one that stood out the most was her strength. I looked up to my mother, she was my superhero. I know most kids see their parents as these super beings that don’t break and as a kid I shared the same views, but as I got older I saw a different side of my mom that made me appreciate her so much more.

That different side I saw was a special moment we shared when she came to me for comfort. She was broken and for the first time I witnessed her cry…I remember thinking who is this lady and what has she done with my mom, but at the same time OMG! My mom is just like me (or vice versa)!giphy (8).gif Seeing her sensitive side made me appreciate her strength. I saw a beauty in her strength because no matter the challenges she faced, even until death, she didn’t lose faith. I understand now that she gained strength by maintaining her faith.

So again, how am I going to get through life without her? She laid down the foundation for me. Yes, this is a hard pill to swallow, but I will follow in my mother’s footsteps and find strength in my faith.

My mother invested many pearls of wisdom into my life, but maintaining my faith is the pearl I will cherish forever.

Continue to rest on mommy! I love you always! #MyAngel

IMG_1968 If you are someone who has experienced death, maintain your faith


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13 Replies to “Pearls From My Mother”

  1. This was absolutely beautiful. I can imagine this was not easy to write. Your mom truly did always leave pearls of wisdom which left her positive light on this earth. She taught you many things but like you said, the best lesson is to have faith. You will continue to grow and learn and discern because you had a mother that instilled great values in you. You got an early start leaving your light on this earth with this blog. Keep it up, writing soothes the soul and cam bring solace. Continue the path your mother laid for you and you will be just fine as she will be right there with you. I love you, hunny.

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      1. Absolutely beautiful! I wish I could have found the words to describe how I felt when I walked through this valley two years ago. You my dear, expressed it so well! Your mom was pure love, light and FAITH!! She has left you with a marvelous legacy that I can see you’ve fully embraced. Just know, the journey without her earthly presence will get easier; Day-by-day! 💚💕💚

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  2. This is so beautiful Chelsea, YOU are her most valuable Pearl, and your words are a true reflection of rhe great job she did raising you. You know I am always here for anything at any time.
    Love Ya

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  3. Chelsea: This is beautiful. A great tribute to a beautiful lady, your Mom, my cousin, Miss Ann. I remember our conversation at the funeral home, I told you how proud I was of you for being so strong, much stronger than me, I now know it’s those pearls of faith your Mom left you that gave you your strength!. I’m even more prouder of you for being able to write your feelings in this blog so beautifully and share with others who have lost a love one. This has helped me more than you know. Hold on to those pearls Chelsea, your Mom will always be with you. You know I’m here anytime for you. I got you! Your whole family got you! Love you and thanks for sharing this blog!

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