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Hello September- Fashion, the city & power | Ooohlalaa-it's fashion
Welcome New Month and soon to be new season! There’s a whole lot of “new, new” things happening here on the blog! New last names…which I’ll talk all about in my new vlog segment ‘A Day with DailyDose’! I can’t wait to share with you all my journey to wifey status along with some fun new content for the blog, it’s been long overdue. But, thanks for sticking beside me Daily Readers and always Stay Encouraged & Stay Tuned!


Welcome Daily Readers,

DailyDoseofChelsea is a blog platform meant to give insight on being a young Christian woman. Through transparency my hope is to encourage young women who may stumble in their Christian walk when it comes to facing life circumstances. Following Christ is a journey that isn’t always easy, however from experience I know we gain strength from the testimonies of others. I hope my daily prescriptions and dosages enforce you to believe you never have to face any of life circumstances alone! I hope you are encouraged to keep moving forward! Prescribe and maintain your daily dose!