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👉🏼2019 R E F L E C T I O N S👇🏼
After having such a painful 2018 I didn’t know what to expect with 2019…
However…in 2019,
•I bought my first car 🚘
• I was asked to be apart of my first podcast interview from an old high school friend! 🎧
• Which led to being apart of @voyageatl magazine ( I literally said at the top of the year I wanted to be in this magazine and it happened) 🙌🏼
• I was asked to be apart of another podcast from a connection I made through Instagram 🤗 & she’s been supportive ever since!
• I was able to meet and assist @liveincolorfashionmagazine with the beautiful #melissamitchell from #abeillecreations ❤️❤️
• I was given styling/business advice form a major stylist in the game! 💋
• Most importantly I was reminded of who God created me to be, and to be confident in my abilities and my talents, skills…

And even as I write out my plan for 2020, God is already moving!
One of my goals is to increase my readership and long behold I was given the opportunity to be a mentee from a well known blogger! 🎊
I said all this to say how thankful I am for the many opportunities I was given this past year! Thanks to everyone who either shared their platform with me, shared opportunities with me, or just supported me along the way!
T H A N K Y O U‼️

2020 let’s get it 💪🏽

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

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