The Love Package

Prescription: What Is Love To You?
Dosage: Readers are required to examine their love package.


Introducing #aDOSEof

#aDOSEof campaign is meant to bridge the gap between girls from the age of 15-18 that are going through the transitional phases of growing up.

What’s Your Launch Looking Like?

Prescription: Launch 2019!

Dosage: Readers are required to launch their dream, start NOW!!

Good Grief Pt. 2

Prescription: A Faith Perspective 🙏 Dosage: Readers are required to stretch their faith in the midst of life struggles🙏 You see, I started to magnify my grief, my pain instead of magnifying who God is to the grief I felt. I was stuck… and struggling… As stated, I was stuck,

Pause the Pampers!

Prescription: It’s ALL in God’s Plan Dosage: Readers are required to be patient with their journey & stop comparing their journey to others.
  Is it me or does it seem like babies are being born every minute and people are getting married every second?

Good Grief Pt. 1

Prescription: 6 month checkup

Dosage: Readers are required to check-in with God, because He cares.

Message to Millennial’s

Prescription: You Will Win 🏆 Dosage: Readers are required to remember that God already made you a winner🥇 Oprah, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, & Mark Zuckerberg all have one thing in common. Can you guess it? And no, it’s not money. That one thing they all have in common is

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