Pause the Pampers!

Prescription: It’s ALL in God’s Plan ✍🏼

Dosage: Readers are required to be patient with their journey & stop🚫 comparing their journey to others.🙅🏽‍♀️

Is it me or does it seem like babies are being born every minute and people are getting married every second?Image result for phone notification gif

I mean,

hold on a sec,

my phone just…never mind Congratulations to the happy couple!

And I know kids being born and proposals being announced didn’t just start yesterday, but it seems like when I turned 25, I immediately noticed how far along my peers are with growing up versus me. I’m watching my peers start families and adult and compared to my life the question of

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING” screams even louder to me than normal!

               what are you doing wteq GIF by chescaleigh

OK, let me chill for a sec and update y’all on why the pleasant year of 25 was a bit of a crisis reality for me.

Well where do I start… I did recently celebrate my 26th birthday! Shout out to all the March babies. As my birthday approached this year, I reflected on my year of being 25 and realized how much pressure I felt to get married and start a family. To be honest I have never been the girl to dream about those things excessively, of course a conversation here or there of my wedding will be this and my kids’ names will start with the letter ‘C’ and so on…but nothing too crazy. Yea 25 sure enough made me “THAT” girl. Exactly how did I get to be that girl…

Well for the past 9 months I’ve been in a relationship. He’s my best friend, partner in crime, and a huge supporter of everything I do, he’s kind of an amazing guy and trust I can go on & on about him, but I’ll save it for another blog.  Along with my newfound relationship I became a god mommy or Gommy, to my best friend’s first baby girl. She’s so adorable and I can already tell me and her will have lots to talk about!

Having my own healthy, happy, and loving relationship PLUS witnessing someone so close to me bring life into this world sums up my 25 & FEELING IT CRISIS!kim kardashian crying GIF

I’m a bit dramatic, I know its not a crisis, but it feels that way. You’ll be surprised to know how many girls hit a certain age and immediately feel pressure to grow up. Or in my case see a significant sign of my growth.

My grandmother said something to me awhile ago that made me realize something, she made a reference to me not having children yet, implying that I may not have kids. I was shocked and told her I want kids eventually and she said no, you focus on your career. At first, I was saddened that my grandmother rather me focus on a career versus being a mother one day, but a revelation hit me.

I was 25 with no marriage and no kids, by the time my grandmother was 25 she was married with 4 kids. Times have really changed, & what it means to be a woman today is more than birthing babies and being someone’s wife.

Women today are graduating with 3 or 4 degrees, starting million dollar businesses, & the most popular corporations just might be ran by a CEO that delivers in a dress and 6 inch heel.snaps GIF by Rico Nasty

Yes, women are evolving and redefining what it means to be a WOMAN! And with inequality running rapid around the world, women are still fighting to be heard, but I must say women are farther along than they were before I was born.

With that revelation I’m aware that my grandmother’s comment was meant to be a compliment. I have the opportunity to not just be a mom, not just be a wife, but to be a wife, mother someday & a career woman.

And SO WHAT! I didn’t start with a family first, it’s all according to God’s plan NOT social media.celebrity big brother deal with it GIF

You see, that darn social media had me waving my left hand in my boyfriend’s face every 5 seconds asking where my ring at and then staring at my biological clock hoping I’m not too late.

I must say I was tripping.

As I mentioned before my issue was more of me wanting a sign that I was growing up; completely ignoring the fact that me starting a career, a business, having the responsibility of holding the house down are signs of growth.  And I’m doing all these things in a pair of nice high heels, or maybe in some real fresh sneakers, but hey,  I’m still a woman AND I’M FEELING IT!kim k hollywood GIF

So, the pampers are paused for now, but according to God’s plan there’s no need for me to fast forward, because it’s only the beginning.


Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

2 Replies to “Pause the Pampers!”

  1. Loved reading your post. It’s the same exact thing for me, too. Lol I’ve been seeing my friends and classmates marry and/or have babies, and I’m like I’m still living with my mom. I JUST got a job in my field, and I’m still in school. And I’m still on my journey to self-love. It’s so impossible to see myself married right now. I’m so young. Like I have my whole life for that. I, personally, think getting married in your 20s is too young. Like what do you know about marriage at 20? What do you even know about yourself at 20, you know? Hardly anything yet. Such a huge thing. And I can’t even think about babies right now. Lol

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    1. Yes, it’s so easy to compare nowadays I had to swallow the fact that nobody’s story will be the same God made us to be one of a kind so our journey will be just that, one of a kind! Thanks for the read! Always good to know when my peers can relate ❤️


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