Top Christmas Movies

The holidays have brought out some of my all time favorite movies. Most holiday films can be very predictable, however my top 3 hold a special place in my heart. What makes a Christmas movie special? MEMORIES! Whether you’ve seen your fav holiday movie 1000 times or just once every year, the memory you share makes it that more special to watch. Here’s my top 3:


I can still watch this movie and never get tired of it! ABC FAMILY used to do 25 Days of Christmas & one year they premiered this old film for 3 nights in a row. Every night my mom and I would watch it like it was the first time. The little girl in the film was my favorite part of the movie. She was hilarious and too cute! If you’re looking for a family movie to watch this year, checkout “Borrowed Hearts”


I love family movies in general, but an all Black family movie during the holidays…Instantly becomes my favorite. “This Christmas” is a classic film with a stellar cast. I actually saw this film when it came out in Theatre’s. (S/N I really miss going to the movies 😫) Plus, the soundtrack is a must have on your holiday playlist.


The Best Man is a 90s classic! I was so happy to see them bring this movie back around their 15th anniversary. I loved EVERYTHING about this film! I loved that the team behind this film decided to go in the direction of making this 90s classic a Christmas movie because it made the storylines that much greater. I saw this movie at the Theatre as well. I remember it was my mother, cousin and me. At some point in the movies my cousin and I were crying our eyes out so hard all we could do is look at each other and laugh. Such a great film, I hope they make a part 3!

I’m definitely going to miss attending the movies this year, but thanks to online streaming we don’t have to miss out on holiday films. Jingle Jangle on Netflix was an excellent film! Shout out to the Director, David E. Talbert for creating a Christmas classic. This Christmas I’m looking forward to seeing the premier of Wonder Woman on HBO Max. Who else will be watching? Let me know your top 3 Christmas movies!

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