Fine Print Faith

It’s a great day to be a BELIEVER! Because…if not now then when?

This past #TuneInTuesday I played the song Breathe by Chandler Moore on my Instagram story and I almost went into tears after hearing Jonathan McReynolds sing:

Worship With Me!

This goes out to the Worried
This goes out to the Stressed
Sorting out a Million Thoughts
Running through your Head

To everyone that’s waiting
For Better days Ahead
Tired, Frustrated
And Living once I say
Please don’t Hold your Breathe

Now, this song has been on repeat since I first listened to it in December, but I felt as if I was hearing this verse for the first time. Like I said in my story , BAE and I were having a hard conversation and everything in me wanted to respond to the situation negatively, but God reminded me about my decision to PIVOT and how my choice to pivot doesn’t just apply to my business and finances only , but my emotions and the way I respond also need to PIVOT.

As you all may know, during the month of January I participate in a 21 Day Fast at my church. This year not only did my church fast together, but we also prayed everyday and I truly enjoyed the experience. In those 21 days my pastor broke down the importance of corporate prayer and how to be sensitive to the spirit by paying attention to what’s going on in the world because it may lead you to PRAY!

Chandler Moore’s song resonates with me because BREATHING is a privilege and if we look at what’s going on in the world, it’s clear that our breath is under attack.

Whether it’s crime rates rising from people taking other people’s breath or suicide rates rising from people taking their own breath or COVID-19 attacking everyone’s privilege to breathe...our breath is under attack.

But you know what Daily Readers, this is why I love being a believer! When you sign up to be a Christian, to walk this walk, to live your life committed to God, you don’t have to wonder about the terms and conditions in the fine print. Because He already made it clear that every battle we face, we are victorious.

God is truly pushing me to pivot in this season an apart of my pivoting is switching up my response. At the end of the song Jonathan McReynold’s sings, ” I am breathing to worship, I am breathing to believe, I have better purpose for my breath”

I believe God can do something about COVID-19, crime, and suicide and I also believe He can do something about your current situation.

Try switching up your response this month. Read the fine print an apply the terms and conditions to your current situation.

In this season of pivoting, it matters how we respond.

I am applying those terms with you Daily Readers, we are victorious!

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

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