Journey to Jenkins I A Celebration of Black Love

Daily Readers, can you believe it all started at the Botanical Gardens? Nah, scratch that it all began at CHURCH! 

11 years of friendship, 3 years in a relationship, 1 year engaged to a lifetime of being Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins….(*inserts scream) I’M MARRIED!!!! On August 28, 2021 ya girl got hitched to her best friend, business partner, photographer, #1 supporter on my team, my love, Timothy Jenkins. 

Our wedding hashtag was so befitting of this entire experience because it certainly was a journey. 

A journey that Bae & I asked each other several times, “Why are we doing this?” I promise we didn’t ask this question because we didn’t love each other, but honestly weddings are not for the faint at heart…weddings are stressful!! For us at the time we were wondering if this is a necessary stress for us to have in our lives right now. I remember there were times I truly questioned the purpose of having a wedding at all and in the middle of me trying to find a logical answer Bae would grab my chin and sternly, but sweetly say, “ Chelsea you deserve this day” and captivated by his words all questions die within because I’m reminded why I love this man and how much he means to me. So, the answer to my question “why are we doing this” became WHY NOT!? Why not celebrate, LOVE? The key ingredient that made every sacrifice worth it. 

And what’s a celebration without BLACK -OWNED in front of it? Bae & I worked hard to have a Black owned theme included in the wedding & although we weren’t able to have everything Black owned, the businesses we did patron were dear to our hearts. Tim & I are black  business owners that understand how important it is to build generational wealth in our communities  and we are blessed to have personal connections with a few exceptional movers & shakers in Atlanta. I find it amazing to not only share the details behind our wedding with others, but how we also have the opportunity to highlight a Black Owned business! 

A wedding is just a day, and I repeat, they are stressful. If I was to give advice to a newly engaged couple I would tell them to always remember your why. 

Our wedding was overwhelmingly stressful for us because of the tough life circumstances we were facing, but Daily Readers you know I can’t mention life without talking about GOD! During the wedding Tim & I were reminded of how God is so God! In the midst of chaos & a pandemic He is still in control!  The words my pastor said on our day ring so true in my head,  us coming together was a God thing…”therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate” (Mark 10:9 ). When the wedding was over, we knew we still had to face life,  but God reminded us that He brought us together which means we are equipped for the journey ahead! 

Stay Encouraged Daily Readers, 

May you prosper as your soul prospers, May your heart forever be in posture, To receive the mercy and the glory from above” -Tobe Nwigwe

Without further ado, Here is #JourneytoJenkins!

To view the rest of the pictures, please head over to our wedding site and click the link on the main page!

4 Replies to “Journey to Jenkins I A Celebration of Black Love”

  1. Beautiful 🥺🥲, I cam’t say enough how elateddddd I was to not only witness but be apart of y’all special day 🖤.

    Love you guys and many blessings to your union 🖤✨


  2. I could not be happier for you! Thank you Mrs. Jenkins for sharing this ah-mazing day with us. I am praying peace, joy, curiosity, and abundant love over your union. May God’s peace keep you joyfully aware to seek Him with curious pleasure as you discover how deep, wide, and high His love is for both of you.


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