Something For Your Skin!

Spring is here and we’re all stuck in our homes! Which may be beneficial for those whose skin suffers during the seasonal changes! #ME 

I’ve had dry skin since birth & it seems the older I get the more my skin decides to have a mind of its own. Seriously, I feel as if I have tried it ALL when it comes to eczema. 

Bleach baths, oatmeal baths, antibiotic creams, UV ray lights, expensive lotions…literally everything! Don’t get me wrong these devices work, but they’re temporary fixes. I rather control the issue than just moderate the issue due to the season! Although I am grateful for my physician, when COVID-19 hit, I couldn’t depend on a doctor’s office to provide my temporary fix.

For a couple years now I’ve been transitioning from using antibiotic products to natural products. I LOVE natural remedies. I can always call on my grandmother to provide me with a natural remedy for anything I’m suffering. Besides, physicians warn you about using antibiotic creams between 1-5 days because it may lead to your skin deteriorating. For me that’s not healthy or worth it in the end. I’m still left with dry skin & awaiting my next flare up! And here we are in the midst of a pandemic & my skin is flaring uncontrollably which led me to find my own remedy. 

Over the years of me transitioning to natural products I’ve come across some great companies such as  Eczema Honey Co. & Ancient Cosmetics that cater to dry skin, eczema , & psoriasis by using natural ingredients. I highly recommend checking out either company, however during this pandemic  I found a company that offered a different approach for dealing with eczema. 

It’s a liquid vitamin with an ingredient historically known to prevent inflammation! It’s the gift I’ve been looking for all of my life! For the past two weeks I’ve been drinking 3 tbsp of Olive Leaf Extract & I must say I am impressed with the results. The redness, itchiness,  & dry patches has subsided thanks to this product! 

I’m looking forward to seeing how my skin will react to the next seasonal change. I’ll update you guys with some pictures along with my routine of taking the vitamin. If the vitamin keeps providing great results Olive Leaf Extract may be the best  addition to my  daily skin regimen. 

Stay Tuned & Stay Encouraged Daily Readers!

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