Christmas on a Budget!

I haven’t decorated my house for Christmas in awhile! This year I felt inspired to unpack my ornaments and fill my house with some Christmas cheer. Since I have a puppy, I didn’t want him to ruin all of my decor, so I’m decorating 1 room only.

Normally I pick and choose between my mother’s old decor, which is filled with pink and green ornaments (paying homage to her AKA roots), but this year I wanted to stick with the Christmas colors Red & Green!

Quick question, do you buy new Christmas decor every year? Let me know in the comments!

Christmas decorations are not cheap! However, there are some places you can buy decor for a great deal!

BAE and I are offering Christmas Shoots through his photography business ( ). I. was able to shop and decorate our studio for the low, low!

Dollar Tree

The Dollar Store comes in handy for any holiday! I was able to buy 4 packs of Christmas ornaments & wrapping paper for just $13! The Dollar Store can be convenient for whatever you need to complete your holiday decor, plus there’s a Dollar Store on every street!


On Black Friday, I had been looking on Michael’s website for a tree , but decided to go to their store instead. I was so happy I did, I bought a 4ft tree for $20 & tiny bulbs for $5!


My favorite place to go! I honestly don’t need a reason to visit Target. However, I did go in there with a purpose , BAE and I needed Christmas pajamas. Luckily Target had a sale on family PJ’s including matching puppy pj’s!


I’m obsessed with holiday candles right now! I bought a few from Kroger for just $6.99! Kroger’s holiday sales have been amazing. I had no idea how much Christmas decor they had, tomorrow I’m finishing up my shopping with them! Check out my instaStory to go shopping with me!

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